Fri Jan 30
Bob's Burgers (Live):

Hi, I am doing a Bob’s Burgers Live tour with the rest of the cast in March. We are going to cities in the Midwest and East Coast. Hope you can make it!

Fri Oct 24

A couple of years ago, I interviewed John Mulaney before his special New In Town came out. Recently, Mulaney was nice enough to interview me about my album, The Stranger.

Mon Oct 20

The Halloween episode of Mulaney is on tonight. John let me be in a couple scenes as one of Lou’s writers. It starts in one minute on the East Coast, probably should have posted earlier.

Tue Oct 07

Hi, my album The Stranger is out today, I hope you like it.

It’s available on iTunes today ( Or you can pre-order a CD on Amazon ( or buy a signed CD now from Comedy Central ( The signed CD is the same price as the regular one so I guess my autograph is worth nothing.

Sun Oct 05

Two shows I work on have premieres tonight on FOX. Check out Bob’s Burgers at 7:30 and Mulaney at 9:30.

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